Youth and Hidden Dangers

YDO ” Youth Development Organization” in cooperation with ” Baakline National Library” are launching their campaign  Youth and Hidden Dangers in Baakline National Library this Saturday, October 8, 2016.

The purpose of this campaign is to create awareness among youth about the  hidden threats that might be encountered and how to avoid them.

The founder of this organization Dr. Rola Jaafar will have an introductory speech.

The topics that will be discussed are:

1. Human trafficking, presented by Mrs. Joanne Yamine Frangiyeh from the United Nations ( UN)

2. Drug addiction and electronic crimes, presented by General Anwar Yehya

3. The social and the psycological factors that influence youth, presented by Dr. Issam Atallah from ” La Sagesse  University”

4. How law approaches youth’s problems, presented by Dr. Salam Abdel Samad, lawyer and founder of SALAMAS Law Firm

Moreover, other public figures such as the artist Salim Assaf and the actor/ director Talal Jurdi will participate in this event to show their support fot this campaign.

We are waiting eagerly for this special event. Such campaigns are essential for our community.

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