A project created to motivate young people to take a more active role

Club for Youth Empowerment 018 (KOM 018), Serbia in cooperation with Beyond Borders – Italy, Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (SPPMD) – North Macedonia, Hellenic Youth Participation – Greece, Youth Spirit Center – Jordan, Youth Development Organization – Lebanon, Euro-Med EVE Maroc – Morocco and Euro-Med EVE – Tunisia implements “DiaLog” project. The project brings together youth workers and young people from Program and Partner countries (Region 3) to explore methods in youth work and develop new forms of youth work for working on the issue of intercultural dialogue and tolerance. Consortium organizes “DiaLog” project for youth workers and young people from Greece, Jordan, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Tunisia who will gain specific skills and competencies in the field of intercultural dialogue and tolerance through non-formal education and use of creative tools – concept graphics, photo, and music; trained youth workers will test and multiply newly adopted competencies in their local communities among young people. Moreover, the project will deliver the DiaLog mobile app – a game where young people can compete and learn more about intercultural dialogue and tolerance. The project is implemented in the period 01.02.2022 – 31.01.2024. and is co-financed by Erasmus Plus Program, EU – Capacity building in the field of youth (ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB).

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