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Lebanese youth's future is threatened

With the current social, economic, and political situation Lebanon is passing through, Lebanese youth are facing the hardest situation.
They are at a stage where their future is threatened and their career is on the verge of serious damage.
Youth are facing the challenge to enroll in schools and universities due to the increase in tuition, absence of any governmental support, lack of transportation, and expensive school supplies.
Up to 40% of youth are threatened to miss their upcoming academic year.

Therefore, we are expecting support from youth around the world.
As Youth Development Organization, we are in the process to encourage youth to join their academic year through tuition support, school material distribution, and transportation.
All together we can support youth to build Lebanon together by strengthening youth.
Many thanks in advance for supporting our initiative…


We must act, continue to act, and act together

We have a vision of a just world, a world where people are valued and treated equally,
a world without poverty. You can make a difference!
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