What Is Social Work???

Social work is a voluntary act done in the community by group of individuals to help enhance the quality of life. I know it’s a vague definition for most of you, but I will try to simplify bit.
The main goal of  social work is to serve the community and solve its problems.

This kind of work requires lots of planning,  and hard work. Why should we take part in social work, though it is not paid?

True, this kind of work is not paid,  but it is rewarded in many other ways. Our efforts in this field will never go in vain. It will be reflected on our future generations positively and effectively.

Why should we be a part of it?

Being a part of this community, we are responsible for preserving and protecting it. We are responsible for helping the community members live a better, healthier and happier life. But HOW???

Everyone of us, no matter what his/ her social status is can make a difference.  We can work as a team and help find solutions for environmental, social and financial problems in our society.

We just can’t sit there and watch our teenagers getting misguided by unsupervised media.

Our main role is to spread the awareness. Community members will be aware that we can find a solution for every problem we encounter if we unite our efforts.

We, as community members, choose to be social workers in order to improve the quality of life in our society.

What do you think??


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