Meeting in the French embassy

10698619_10152735375250399_5142441147337443464_nMeeting in the French embassy for discussing the projects within the Eramus + Youth in Action Program and EuroMed IV Program.
The meeting was introductory workshop for NGO accreditation in Lebanon.. We did apply and accepted.
The training course aims to help EVS mentors and RoP’s to understand more about their roles in an EVS project, as thought to answer their questions and develop their abilities about creating and managing EVS projects and mentoring volunteers; it also aims to help the participants develop tools for engaging volunteers, local communities and organizations in an educational and learning experience.
The training course will tackle the following topics:
1) EVS structure: the principle actors, the pedagogical approaches;
2) Learning in the EVS process for the volunteer and the NGO
3) Mentors and Responsible of projects: task, roles, values, attitudes, competencies
4) The official documents refering to EVS
5) Youthpass
6) Risk prevention and communication

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