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Between 14th – 21st of August, Youth Inclusion Association (Younclusion) organized an international training course that was granted by Turkish National Agency in the framework of Erasmus+ Youth programme. The project was held in Istanbul with the participation of 33 youth workers, youth leaders and young (social) entrepreneurs from Turkey, Albania, BiH, Palestine, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Egypt, Slovenia and Tunisia.
Overall objective was to nourish a new generation of youth workers, as active citizens able to play a key role in the sustainable development of their community and to effect concrete social change in the Euro-Mediterranean societies in transition.
Specific objectives were:
– To equip youth workers with knowledge, employable skills and creative tools related to peace education and social entrepreneurship that can be integrated in their work with other young people.
– To promote social entrepreneurship as a tool for social transformation and sustainable development.
– To develop a cross-cultural understanding of different youth work experiences in both European and Mediterranean countries.
– To facilitate opportunities for networking and partnerships between youth workers and organizations in EU and Mediterranean countries.
The TC is structured in practical workshops where participants learn by doing on the basis of key concepts and trainers instructions.
Main working methods used are:
– Experiential learning and “learning by doing”. Participants will be invited to try out things in practice and personally see how every method works in real. In each section, various concepts and techniques are discussed prior to demonstrating their practical application with examples and interactive case studies.
– Peer and cooperative learning, including group work, creative brainstorming, role play, focus group, where participants will work together and learn from each other.
– Entrepreneurship Education Non-formal approaches and practical tools focusing on creativity and lateral thinking.
– Reciprocal Maieutic Approach: RMA is a dialectic method of inquiry and “popular self-analysis” for empowerment of communities and individuals and it can be defined as a “process of collective exploration that takes, as a departure point, the experience and the intuition of individuals” (Dolci, 1996). (
– Forum theatre (A. Boal): working with theatre to tackle the overriding problems experienced by ordinary people.

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